Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
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Employ in Minutes
Dedicated EOR
Employ Safely
Fast Onboarding
Global Payroll
Hire a Contractor
Global Compliance
Hire Anyone, Anywhere

with our local companies

The only EOR provider that owns the entire network of entities providing Payroll and Tax preparation.
– Choose from 185 countries

Speed up your global HR with automations

Onboard your Global Team in days not months

Discover how to secure and hire the best talent with Remundo.

Create and sign work contracts in less than an hour.
Receive step-by-step prompts to ensure speed and ease of use.
Minimize loss by securing valuable talent quickly and efficiently.

Seamless contract negotiation

Enhance transparency by negotiating contract terms effortlessly with on-platform discussions for better agreements.

One-of-a-kind customizable contracts

Create fully editable and e-signable contracts with our platform.

Manage and engage your international teams from a single platform

Unlock the potential of seamless international team management with Remundo.

Hire and effortlessly manage your global teams.
Navigate global employment compliance with ease.
Track worker engagement from the dashboard.
Communicate with employees and be on the same page.

Get your Global Team onboard

Hire both employees and contractors with automated and built-in data compliance around the world.

Talented individuals are everywhere regardless of borders, why not hire today?

Simplify your global expansion

Dive into the business cases to understand how our services can simplify the management of your global workforce, ensuring compliance and eliminating the complexities of global payroll.

Why Remundo is the best choice

We offer the opportunity to easily create bespoke employment packages that will propel
the new growth and productivity of your global team with time-saving, automated features.

Fastest Global HR Platform
Automations for the fastest provision of EOR and Contractor Management.
Save Time With Instant Quote
Generate instant quotes in seconds—with daily exchange rate data.
User-Friendly Dashboard
Easily build, view and manage your global team from one screen.
In-Built Data Compliance
Remundo ensures that employers meet all legal obligations and commitments.
Global Employment Lifecycle Coverage
From onboarding to offboarding, we automate every part of your team’s employment lifecycle.
Everything In-House
Expand the global working arena with our Employment Of Record (EOR) service, you can choose from 185 countries.
Transparent Costs
Everything clearly broken down, so know what you're paying for, every step of the way.
One-Click Payments
Easily pay a global workforce whether contractors or employees with a single HR management tool.

Beyond borders—hire anyone, anywhere, compliantly

Explore our cross-borders collaborative approach to working.
Hire anyone from 185 countries with full Payroll and Tax preparation.

Scale up with Global Teams now