Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Anti-Racism Statement

Date of adoption of statement: Sept 14, 2023

At Remundo, our core business is centred around global workforce, international teams and diversity of culture and ethnicity. As a result, we promote the international co-operation of human beings from any nation. We believe all humans are equal in value and support all of our clients and workers no-matter their race, creed, color or other physical attribute related to heredity or genetic descent, or the nation from which they were born or reside.

All human beings everywhere are of the same species. We are of one global workforce, working together for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Seeking progress for all. Innovation for all. Equality for all.

Unfortunately, we understand that in the real world, many people can be maliciously and deliberately judgemental, or have culturally ingrained prejudices, and that these judgments and prejudices can lead to racist behaviours and speech towards others.

Remundo has a zero tolerance for racism in any form or for any reason and we encourage all our staff, workers and clients to come forward if they feel that a colleague, a manager, a company, or worker has acted or spoken in a way that feels to them racist, or causes them to feel shame for being who they are.

Additionally, Remundo recognises that being anti-racist isn’t enough. That we must seek to eradicate racism and take action towards that end, including ensuring that there are no accidental and unconscious policies or structures in place that result in inequality. It is not enough to be neutral. Action is required.

Commitment to anti-racism

  • We at Remundo commit to prioritising anti-racism to ensure our workplace and the workplaces of our workers are free from racism.
  •  We will ensure our actions and decisions do not create or sustain any racial inequality.

Principles we adopt

As a global company, diversity, equality and inclusion are the cornerstones of safe and creative workspace that leads to productive and cohesive teams. For that reason, we actively work to oppose racism and to produce an equality that means that racial identity is not a defining factor in what a person can do or achieve in life, or, more concretely for us, what job they can get.

These are the anti-racist principles that our leadership team follow:

  1.   Prioritize anti-racism.
  2.   Investigate occurrences of racial inequality, intentional and accidental.
  3.   Engage and involve all workers regardless of color.
  4.   Counteract racism wherever it is found.
  5.   Educate and communicate our policies on diversity, equality and inclusion in ways that make measurable progress.

With these principles guiding us, we work towards ending racism.