Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Choose Remundo over Velocity Global

A self-serve platform that prioritizes the employee experience. Seamless global HR management in 185 locations around the world. Speed without compromising quality of service.

Businesses already taking advantage of our entity network, from small startups to global brands

Why employers and workers love Remundo more than Velocity Global

We are leading digital transformation of HR. Remundo offers a flexible, cloud-based solution to meet the varied needs of different businesses, as well as the needs of the unique individuals that make up your global teams.

Our extensive entity network means that we have on-the-ground expertise in every one of our 185 locations. Wherever you are, whatever your need, Remundo can solve your global HR problems fast. No middlemen to contact, no opportunities for things to get lost in translation.

We’ve invested time and money into building the best platform to support the changing needs of businesses as they globalize, diversify and expand. Our self-serve platform is data-enabled to bring users instant compliance, instant contracts.

Our state-of-the-art technology is newly designed to tackle the emerging problems associated with global hire. One user friendly platform is versatile. You can use it as a one-stop-shop for global hire management tool or customise the platform to provide the services and integration necessary to aid your own global hire implementation. Speak to our sales team for more information.

With Remundo, you can create custom, multi-lingual contracts. The legal clauses remain fixed as per the local employment law, but we allow for extra clauses such as ethics, non-compete, anti-bribery and more, to help clients mitigate IP and third-party compliance risk, as well as meet ESG targets.

Our customisable work offers enables our clients to offer their preferred candidates the best employment deals. We offer a range of different health benefits and insurances, as well as bonus and incentives packages that you can custom build to suit your company’s existing system.

You can increase the holiday allowance or change the work schedule to accommodate different ways of working. You can even discuss with your candidate and negotiate with them. With Remundo you can offer what your candidate wants.

What makes Remundo different?

We’re a tech powered global HR company delivering a game-changing Employer of Record solution. And we do it with exceptional service standards packaged in a convenient digital platform.

network advantage

Remundo has a direct network of entities—that means our very own entity in every country. Fast onboarding with high-quality Customer service. Less risk, more control.


Instant quotes
and contracts

In the rapid-paced world of work, you can generate quotes and contracts fast. Streamline the global hire process with automations and achieve your goals faster.


In-house HR,
finance, & legal

Our in-house teams of experts give you everything you need to know and keep everything working in the background so you don't have to.

remundo_compare_speed_acuracy (2)

Peerless compliance for global businesses

Power your business with Remundo compliance data technology. No one else can match our speed and accuracy to get your international teams up and running.

Remundo vs. Velocity Global

Check out these great at-a-glance reasons why Remundo is the better choice for Employer Of Record services

Velocity Global
Owned entities
Supplied through third-party providers
Localized benefits and incentives packages
All workers receive the standard legal requirements in their location. In addition, you can offer locally provided Insurance and health benefits above the minimum standard.
Managed through multiple
third-party providers
Ironclad IP Protection
With entities in all our locations, we can ensure IP is ironclad.
In-house expertise
Remundo platform is a central source of truth built from 20 years of first-hand EOR experience.
Costs (EOR)
Starts at $448 per month
No transparent pricing

Why Remundo is the best choice

We offer the opportunity to easily create bespoke employment packages that will propel
the new growth and productivity of your global team with time-saving, automated features.

Fastest Global HR Platform
Automations for the fastest provision of EOR and Contractor Management.
Save Time With Instant Quote
Generate instant quotes in seconds—with daily exchange rate data.
User-Friendly Dashboard
Easily build, view and manage your global team from one screen.
In-Built Data Compliance
Remundo ensures that employers meet all legal obligations and commitments.
Global Employment Lifecycle Coverage
From onboarding to offboarding, we automate every part of your team’s employment lifecycle.
Everything In-House
Expand the global working arena with our Employment Of Record (EOR) service, you can choose from 185 countries.
Transparent Costs
Everything clearly broken down, so know what you're paying for, every step of the way.
One-Click Payments
Easily pay a global workforce whether contractors or employees with a single HR management tool.

Global hire platform that's easy to use

Hiring and managing global employees is a challenge, that’s why Remundo is changing the rules. 

We can support 185 countries around the world and have the resources to open new entities just for you, delivering instant global compliance. With us, you really can hire anyone, anywhere.

Let Remundo fully support your business to manage your global HR requirements — including multi-country EOR hiring, international contractors, compliance, contract negotiation, onboarding, invoicing, payroll, and a lot more.

Take a guided tour today and see how Remundo is the right solution for your team. Request your Demo session.

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