Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Cookie Policy

Technologies we use:

At Remundo, we believe in transparency and security. We conduct all our operations with these two lenses in mind. Wherever we collect data we ensure it is protected and used only in alignment with GDPR guidelines. Our cookie policy outlines the technologies that we use and why, as well as when we share data with partners and the security in place to protect such transfers in order for us to provide our services effectively. You can read more about our services in our Privacy Policy, and includes our sites, communications, mobile applications and off-site services.


A cookie is a small file placed on your device that allows Remundo to sites and applications to function properly. Any visitor to our sites and applications will receive these cookies from us or from third parties with whom we partner in order to best provide our services. We use two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies last only as long the session you are logged in to the site for, while persistent cookies will sit on your computer beyond sessions and help Remundo remember you when you return to our sites or interact with our services.


We use a variety of tracking technologies which we’ll explain further below, but are related to understanding our visitors. This helps us with our marketing efforts.

What they’re used for:


We use cookies and other similar technologies to recognize visitors to our sites and applications. These help us to identify you and verify your account.


These types of cookies and technologies help us to make your interactions with us and our Services safer and faster. They help us recognise malicious activity and violations of our Terms of Use.

Preferences, features and services

Cookies and similar technologies enable Remundo to improve functionality with user experience in mind. We help you fill out forms with remembered information, and remember your preferences. Example of this are language preferences and communication preferences.

Customized content

With the move away from third-party data towards first-party data, it’s more important than ever for us to be able to collect information about what our visitors and users like so that we can improve our services and customise each visitor or user experience.


We collect information via cookies and third-party technologies to help us understand user behaviours and needs. And in doing so we are better able to provide solutions and strategies relevant to each individual. We use this data to create and target marketing campaigns to individuals, so that they receive only content and suggestions that match their interests.

Analytics and research

These cookies and similar technologies help us to learn about how well we’re doing. This allows us to assess our performance based on user information and data that we collect through the use of partner organizations who specialize in this area. We use this data to improve our product and services, develop new features and understand what people like you want from a product like ours.

We, or our partnered analytics service providers, can determine or measure the performance of our website, advertising and communications including social media and emails through understanding your interactions with our content.

Remundo Partners who use these technologies in connection with our Services.

Some third parties such as partners and service providers may use cookies as part of our Services. These third-parties help us track and analyze how visitors and users use our platform, sites and applications for marketing purposese. We currently use google analytics, google tag manager, mouseflow, Zoho, Microsoft Clarity, Zoom info, Lusha, and Linked In. You can opt out of marketing and analytics cookies in the cookie preference centre.