Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Employee Taxes in India are: 
Employer Taxes in India: 

We calculate the rates of each for you and add it to your invoice automatically with our platform, so you’re always paying the right amounts at the right time.

Indian Rupee ₹
New Delhi
Hindi & English


IST (GMT +5:30)
3.573, ranked 144th

What makes Indians Great Workers?

Indians have a strong work ethic and good technical skills. Their high level of adaptability and loyalty is top-notch.
Indian workers often avoid saying no to requests for assistance from coworkers.


Working with Indians means anticipating lengthy discussions about potential solutions to problems. They are at ease with ambiguity and doubt, and they often put off problem-solving until it is absolutely necessary. To reduce uncertainty, many Indians want to weigh all of their options carefully before making a choice. 

Value Soft Skills over   Hard Skills

The work ethic of Indian employees is excellent. Because of their respect for authority, Indians tend to value soft skills more highly. As long as there is trust and open communication, they will do anything they can to meet your needs, even working on weekends. The language is more indirect, with a focus on politeness and avoiding offending.

Team Players 

Indian workers are skilled at making new connections and socializing with coworkers to discuss business issues in a relaxed setting. In spite of this, they may be fiercely competitive with one another and with others, as well as cooperative when the situation calls for it.

Constructive Feedback

Because of their reverence for their elders, many Indians are reluctant to criticize those in positions of authority.

Indian Economics 

Our stats aim to provide a comprehensive picture of India’s economic development, consumer spending, investment opportunities, and general health.


7.8% 2023

Inflation 2023

8.7% 2023

Big Mac Index

53.61% undervalued

Ease of Doing Business

Ranked 63rd

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