Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Employee Taxes in Luxembourg are: 
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Luxembourg, also called Letzeburg
Luxembourgish, French and German


7.238, ranked 10th

Uniqueness of Luxembourgish Workers

The Luxembourgers value promptness and dependability in one’s own acts. Workplace time pressure is common due to the high volume of workThere is a rigid adherence to due dates. Anything less may be swiftly labeled as unreliable, and that can be a problem in the workplace.

Worker’s Personal Obligations and Duties

There is a distinct delineation between each worker’s duties and responsibilities. As a result, employees under them take care to avoid making unwelcome interventions into their coworkers’ or managers’ areas of responsibility. 

Communication Norms and Practices 

It is customary for a worker to always keep their colleagues in the loop. Sending too many emails is preferable than sending too few. In most cases, workers use established routes of communication to share information. There may also be informal information transfer depending on the relative importance of the connection level in the collaboration. 

Team Players 

Luxembourgers are team players who can effectively collaborate across organizational boundaries. In most cases, workers speak to one another in a friendly, albeit often forthright, manner. Most teams have well-defined roles, with workers taking more ownership of their individual responsibilities than of the team as a whole.

Approach to Time and Priorities

Luxembourg has a long-standing culture of valuing work-life balance by providing its citizens with a short work week and ample paid leave. In Luxembourg, people place a high value on punctuality and generally expect others to do the same. Failing to meet a deadline sends a message of incompetence and undermines trust.

Luxembourg Economics 

Our statistics are designed to give a rounded overview of Luxembourg’s economic growth,
  buying power, investment potential, and state of personal wellness of the people
GDP 2023


Inflation 2023


Big Mac Index 2023

7.47% undervalued

Happiness Index 2023

7.238 rank: 10

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