Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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United Arab Emirates

Marhaba! All you wanted to know about your Emirati Partners and more.

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Tax Compliance covered 
Employee Taxes in UAE are:  

We calculate the rates of each for you and add it to your invoice automatically with our platform, so you’re always paying the right amounts at the right time. 










What makes Emiratis great workers?

Emiratis are renowned for their strong work ethic, shaped by a blend of cultural values and modern business practices.

Cultural Sensitivity 

The UAE is a diverse and multicultural society, with approximately 80% of its population consisting of expatriates. Emiratis’ ability to navigate this cultural diversity and embrace different perspectives is a remarkable asset. Their respect for local traditions, along with the influence of Islamic values, creates a harmonious work environment where cultural sensitivities are acknowledged and valued.

Personalized Approach to Communication  Hard Skills

Emiratis prioritize building personal relationships in business interactions. They appreciate greetings with formal titles and value polite and modest behavior. Embracing local customs, engaging in small talk about family and culture, and offering token gifts are common practices that help establish rapport and trust with Emirati colleagues.

Diplomacy and Constructive Feedback 

Emiratis excel in diplomacy and constructive communication. While Emiratis are often gracious in their interactions, it’s important to remember that feedback can be subtly communicated to maintain harmony. Embracing their communication style and understanding cultural nuances can enhance collaboration and strengthen working relationships

Focus on Loyalty 

Loyalty is highly esteemed in Emirati business culture. Emiratis value long-lasting relationships with partners and associates, which often extend beyond professional boundaries. Recognizing the significance of loyalty in the UAE can foster enduring partnerships and mutual success.

Emiratis’ dedication to blending cultural values with modern business practices makes them exceptional workers, and understanding these qualities can help build prosperous collaborations in the United Arab Emirates.

Emirati Economics 

Our statistics are designed to give a rounded overview of economic growth,
buying power, investment potential, and state of personal wellness of the people.
GDP 2023


Big Mac Index

4.84% undervalued

Ease of Doing Business Index

Ranked 6th

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