Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Hire international talent. Fast!

With direct presence – globally –  Remundo delivers the fastest EOR service

Need to hire just one person here or a couple of people there?

If you’re looking to build a remote-first company or access talent around the world, then EOR could save you money. Having employees scattered across the globe would be very expensive if you had to set up the compliance, the entities and the payroll for just one or two people here, there, and everywhere. You may find talent slipping through your fingers because of this cost.

Global hiring Challenges

Hiring workers abroad can bring a wealth of benefits to your company, but sometimes the effort and work required to make it happen can be off-putting.

The amount of knowledge required to employ a person compliantly can be daunting, and once you uncover the complexities of a particular country, you will then need to implement the procedures and operations required.

Setting up a subsidiary in another country is expensive. There’s securing premises, there’s setting up legal aspects, and acquiring staff to manage payroll, to name a few. If all you want to do is hire one or two people, then having your own entity isn’t an option.

Between the complex legal landscape, the setup logistics, the managerial attention span required, and the learning-curve, it’s just impractical to go it alone. It can take upwards of six months to set up and by that time your candidate got another job.

Using an Employer of Record means you can hire without an entity

Forego the expense of setting up a physical subsidiary or branch abroad and access the talent you want with an Employer of Record scheme. With an Employer of Record scheme, we hire the person on your behalf and manage all the compliance while the three-way contract allows them to work for you.


Experts at your fingertips

Our in-house team of experts are on hand to help, ensuring contracts for every country are up to date and any new legislations implemented immediately.


Direct owned entities in 185 countries and counting

Having on the ground experts in every country means we can hire and onboard your worker inside 48 hours. 


Tailor your contracts with incentives and benefits packages

Having access to in-house teams of local experts means you can offer your workers locally relevant and desirable benefits options depending on location.


Hire the person you want wherever they are in the world

Because you don’t have to worry about setting up subsidiaries or compliance yourself, you can focus on finding the people you need, clicking a few buttons and getting them on your team fast.

You too could see these results

By working with a partner who understands the location, the compliance, and has the assets in place, you can close the gap between you and otherwise inaccessible workers.

Mitigate tax liability in other countries

No entity, subsidiary or branch means you can hire through us, without setting up a business, and thereby incurring local business tax liabilities. You only pay the costs of hiring your worker.

Access the talent to propel your business forward

Businesses grow with the right talent onboard. Engaged and productive workers, with the right skills and talents, can help your business thrive. EOR removes barriers to talent.

Diminish managerial attention span

Keep your managers focused on what they need to be focused on, driving your business forwards.