Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Fast, automated, 

Hire Anyone, Anywhere. Whatever category of worker you are hiring, Remundo keeps you compliant.

Peace of mind

Peerless compliance for global businesses

Power your business with Remundo compliance data technology, no one else can match our speed and accuracy to get your international teams up and running.

Remundo-class contracts

Locally compliant contracts at your fingertips. Exceptional, built-in clauses to protect you and your worker.

Legal entities in 185 countries

Our exclusive partner owns direct, registered entities and are ready to employ your people when you are.

Data protection & GDPR

Dedicated Data Protection Officer, in-house security and data training, and contracts with DP built in. No extra forms. No fluff. Just standard.

In-house legal team of experts

Remundo has a dedicated legal team reviewing and updating changes to local laws, ensuring you stay compliant throughout the worker lifecycle.

Employer of Record Services

Our complete EOR service ensures full employment compliance consistent with the requirements in local regimes in 185 countries.

Our exclusive partner owns entities in over 120 countries with the capacity to expand into new territories at your request. 

Our partner’s entities are registered with local statutory and financial bodies to ensure in-house teams can make timely and compliant payments. 

We calculate and forward payments to the appropriate legal and financial bodies. Including taxes for both employees and employers at the click of a button.

Our services contracts are written with contracts in mind using the ABC classification model.

We support you with iron-clad contracts to reduce the risk to you and your workers from misclassification.

Contractors get paid according to mutually defined schedules in their local currency.


Contractor Services

Create compliant contracts for contractors anywhere in the world and pay invoices in a click. 

Why not use a simple EOR solution?

Remove complicated third-party providers and get a faster, more cost-effective solution, with Remundo.

Intellectual Property

Iron-clad Intellectual Property clauses ensures IP resides where it should, with you.

Data Protection

Everything we do is in-line with latest Data Protection and GDPR guidelines and regulations.

Identity Verification

We conduct identity checks as standard during pre-onboarding. Trust that your prized and talented candidate is real.

Compliance you can trust

Save time and frustration. No need to research local law or set up a legal entity and foreign payroll systems.
Let us take care of it for you.