Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Remundo has many unique features designed to help businesses like yours scale faster and expand globally.

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Other Providers
Direct payment of worker salaries
Direct entity ownership
choose from 185 countries
Rely on Third-party/white-label
partial ownership
Direct payment of taxes and contributions to local authorities
Partial direct entity coverage means reliance on partners to meet legal and financial obligations
One-click payments
Unlimited billing entities
Create as many billing entities for financial purposes as required
Exchange rate fees
Clearly marked on invoices
Most hide FX charges
Simple invoicing
Pay all workers in all currencies in a single invoice.
Need to review multiple invoices before paying.
Clear cost breakdowns
Clear cost-breakdowns with reporting for finance teams. (Coming soon)
Hidden costs make accounting difficult.
Salary always paid in local currency, according to local compliance.
Often delayed due to use of partners and third-party payroll providers.
Unlimited Currencies
Yes. Each of your billing entities can pay in a different currency and you can set up unlimited billing entities.
Limited. Most only allow limited currency payments or a limited number of wallets.
Daily Exchange Rates Checks
Pay rates for currency exchange checked daily to ensure fair and transparent currency exchange.
Unknown, most competitors hide their exchange rate fees.
Payment methods
Simple and direct payment options. Pay by bank transfer, direct debit, card payments, & Swift.
Many request to hold your money in different currencies or wallets.

You can choose from 185 Countries

Put your trust in a company that has all the processes in-house. Our expertise goes beyond simply on-the-ground expertise, we leverage that expertise with an exceptional service level.

  • Account managers available globally
  • Legal knowledge at your fingertips
  • Ability and experience to open new entities upon request

Instant quotes, contracts, and payments.

Our end-to-end, automated, data-backed platform enables client to scale their businesses and expand across borders through accessing and hiring talented workers fast.

  • Transparent costs and cost breakdowns, no hidden fees or charges
  • Automated compliance on multi-lingual contracts that load in seconds
  • Pay all your workers—in multiple currencies—on one invoice.

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