Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
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GLOBAL EXPANSION – Hire Anyone Anywhere

Access new markets with EOR solutions

Scale your business with an Employer of Record partner

Set up your business infrastructure, find your people and test the market within the relative safe confines of an EOR solution. We help you onboard, equip and manage people in another country. We sort out all the pesky legal and HR details leaving you free to focus on your business strategy and developing your route to market. Once your project is viable you can continue to use us or transfer your EOR workers in-house by setting up your own entity.

Global expansion challenges

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, getting your product to a new market can be challenging.

New markets are risky. Remundo helps you test your market before fully committing and investing.

Without an entity you can’t hire people, you can’t pay them, and you can’t do business in a country.

Where competition is fierce, time to get-to-market can mean the difference between success or failure.

Solutions that go above and beyond

EOR is one solution that can help businesses with expansion goals. But EOR by itself is only one part of the puzzle. Remundo offers you much more than simply employing people on your behalf.


Self-serve, data-backed, contract building platform

Remundo helps ease the legal and financial burdens of setting up in a new country, enabling you to focus on the operational functions to get you to market. We do this with our automations and instant contracts that enable us to onboard workers at scale.

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Hire anyone, anywhere with a few clicks of a button

Remundo global hire automations and AI technologies help you employ anyone, anywhere faster than ever before. Beat your competitors to market with our superior platform.


Use the right compensation strategies to secure top people in your target country

Stop wasting money on benefits and allowances your workers don’t want. Use a combination of our global expertise and our AI powered negotiating tools to secure the talent you want without breaking the bank.

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Focus on growing your business and let us handle your global hire compliance and payments

Mitigate risks by leveraging our in-house HR and legal teams to save you time and money. Our instant compliant contracts with compliant cost breakdowns let you know where your money is going and why.

You too could see these results

By working with a partner who understands the location you want to set up in, who can deal with the labor laws, tax requirements and regulations, you free yourself to focus on your business goals and expansion plans. Paving a clearer, more focused road to success.

Go-to-market faster

Fast team building gets you on the ground and towards your goals faster. Achieve go-to-market success in months not years.

Successful launch

Ability to test the market risk-free, helps your teams launch with confidence into receptive markets.

Scale and grow

Achieve business growth, financial gains and attract more investors through the successful launch and expansion into new markets.