Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Best-in-class Technology for Human Capital Management

We help you secure and retain your employees with end-to-end technology built for HR professionals managing global teams.

Meeting the needs of HR professionals everywhere

We help you manage your people wherever they are the world. Global hire has never been this effective, efficient or effortless.

Human Capital Management for a Global Workforce

Managing global workforce needn’t be a headache. With Remundo’s four cornerstones to HR we empower you to meet your human capital strategy goals through full employee life-cycle management.

Secure Global Talent
Employment Compliance
Global Workforce HCM
Increase Employee Retention

Secure Global Talent

Struggling to sign talent?

If you have lots of high-quality candidates applying but can’t seem to pin any of them down, Remundo can help. You can draft a contract in minutes, customize it with tailored benefits packages and negotiate details without leaving the platform. Offering personalized approach to work offers, fast.

Employment Compliance

Worried about the legal side?

Our platform is backed by all the data.  When you create a contract, compliance is automatically populated for your chosen country. We have an in-house legal team who regularly check and update legislative changes, meaning you can rest assured knowing we’ve got you covered.

Global Workforce HCM 

Worried you’ll have less control over your workers?

Remundo technology empowers you to manage your HR, your way. We automate everything onto a self-serve platform. Review data, download reports, manage HR tasks, integrate software and implement Human Capital Management strategies to work seamlessly with your business.

Provide Best Worker Experience 

Want to reduce your worker turnover?

Workers leave for a host of reasons. We can help you monitor and track your retention, and help you develop a more personalized approach to worker management with custom incentive and benefits packages, to custom and branded onboarding experiences through the platform.

Revolutionize your global HR today.

Get streamlined. Go Remundo.