Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Remundo investors, join the revolution

At Remundo, we're on a mission to redefine the global employment landscape. Our journey is fueled by innovation, a deep understanding of the evolving world of work, and an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing how businesses manage their international workforce.

Pioneers in Global Employment

We’re not just another player in the international employment market; we’re the game-changers.
We’ve reimagined global Human Resources, and our vision is nothing short of remarkable.

Our Values

At Remundo, our values form the bedrock of our operations. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, embracing diversity, equality, and transparency. Learn more about our anti-slavery and anti-racism statements, and our unwavering dedication to ethical practices.

We exist to provide a quick and seamless service that enables our users to communicate, negotiate, and hire talented individuals wherever they live, regardless of borders or boundaries.

The world of work is transforming, and employers need a platform that evolves with them. We offer clients a safe, secure, and comprehensive system to hire anyone, anywhere.

Global hire is complex; we understand that better than most, and we are uniquely positioned to simplify hiring frustrations with a remarkable platform that automates every aspect of the employment lifecycle.

Dedication drives us to make global employment accessible and inclusive, whether it’s for corporate giants or solopreneurs.

Remundo serves as a facilitator of connections, empowering employers to choose their ideal work partners, regardless of their location.

Leveraging our global presence and in-house, on-the-ground expertise, we develop cutting-edge technology to provide a straightforward, seamless, and secure platform for users to manage employment contracts compliantly.

Our commitment to innovation and service improvement ensures that we adapt and respond effectively to the evolving needs of our users, offering an automated, data-backed service proposition.

At Remundo, we aspire to redefine the global work landscape, ushering in a new era of heightened productivity and growth for businesses through the acquisition of top-tier talent.

We firmly believe that cohesive, diverse, and international teams represent an attainable reality worth pursuing. To this end, our unwavering commitment is to empower our users in recruiting their desired talents, regardless of their global location.

Our platform streamlines the entire employment lifecycle, simplifying team management for our users, enabling them to focus on fostering cohesion that propels their businesses towards unprecedented growth and productivity.

What sets us apart - six key differentiators

As pioneers in the international employment arena, we’ve identified six key differentiators that provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by HR professionals in managing their global workforce.


Contract Negotiation - Tailored Contracts

Clients can now negotiate terms of work contracts within our platform, allowing them to tailor contracts to meet the unique needs of their preferred candidates. Finding and securing talent is notoriously difficult, and we address this by facilitating client-candidate dialogue, improving the chances of securing in-demand candidates.

Increase Employee Retention - Building Strong Relationships

Fully engaged employees stay longer. We enable clients and candidates to engage in dialogue from the beginning, aligning expectations and enhancing the onboarding experience. This approach contributes to reducing employee turnover and fosters long-term working relationships.

Customizable Contracts - Bespoke Solutions

We generate customizable and signable contracts on our platform, empowering clients to create bespoke contracts that can be saved as templates. Clients no longer need to compromise, and amendments to contracts update quotes instantly. This flexibility enables clients to offer tailored compensation packages, attracting top talent in a global workforce.

Offer Attractive Packages - Competitive Incentives

Remundo empowers clients to create bespoke employment packages, including incentives, bonuses, and allowances, tailored to individual talent, roles, and locations. This flexibility attracts and retains top-tier talent in a global workforce.

Speed - Rapid Recruitment

In the competitive world of recruitment, time is of the essence. Remundo allows users to create, secure, and sign work contracts within 30 minutes, significantly reducing the average 41-day hire time and associated costs. Our platform is designed to help clients secure talent quickly, ensuring they don't miss out on top candidates.

Security by Design - Protecting Your Data

We've prioritized security from the ground up, making our platform highly resistant to hacking attempts. With security becoming increasingly critical in the digital age, we take data protection seriously and adhere to stringent compliance standards.

Shared benefits is what makes Remundo exceptional

Our unique approach and unwavering commitment to excellence are what truly distinguish us:

We provide instant quotes at the moment of creating the contract, based on accurate daily exchange rate data. This feature helps clients make faster decisions in a competitive talent market.

Our user-friendly online portal enhances the user experience, offering a streamlined platform for managing global employment. User surveys will help demonstrate our portal’s superiority.

We have in-house offices in all 185 countries or regions we serve, eliminating third-party involvement. This approach ensures greater compliance and control over business relationships.

Our global presence reflects our commitment to clients worldwide. While others may have more offices, we emphasize stability and reliability in our operations.

We simplify the payment process for a global workforce, allowing users to pay multiple employees or contractors with ease. This feature saves time and ensures efficient payroll management.

We prioritize legal compliance, ensuring our clients, candidates, and ourselves meet all legal obligations and commitments. Our robust compliance measures protect against risks and enhance trust.

While not currently a core feature, we remain open to future developments based on user demand. Our focus is on serving our clients’ immediate needs while staying adaptable to industry changes.

Managing all aspects of the employment lifecycle in one platform appeals to HR professionals seeking efficiency. We aim to expand our platform to encompass even more aspects of this lifecycle, driven by user feedback and evolving needs.

We recognize the challenges of migrating data between systems and are exploring ways to simplify data migration for clients transitioning to our platform.

We aim to make it easy for SMBs and startups to request new locations, further supporting their global expansion efforts.

Anticipating market demands—shaping the future of HR

We are continually exploring ways to enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of HR professionals. Digital transformation is a hot topic, and we aim to provide solutions that exceed user expectations.

Join us on our journey - be part of our vision

As we embark on this transformative journey, we extend an invitation to explore the unique opportunities we offer.

For investors seeking to be part of our vision, we encourage you to connect with us. Your support can accelerate our mission and leave a lasting imprint on the world of global employment. Join us today and become an integral part of the Remundo narrative.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the visionaries behind Remundo who are driving change in the world of global employment.
Each member brings unique expertise and a shared commitment to our mission.

Ron <br>Golan


Sanjay Kapoor

Sanjay Kapoor

Nir <br> Frade


VP Global Delivery
Yochai Legum

Yochai Legum

Augusto Schmidt

Augusto Schmidt