Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Transition your workforce through strategic company transformations

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures play a strategic role in business growth

The strategic acquisition of digital software solutions, operational and logistical networks can substantially grow your business, but can be challenging transitions to navigate. Making sure your contingent workforce is managed can be easy if you outsource to the right partner.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures challenges

Whatever your strategic objective for buying or selling business assets, the process has its challenges. Don’t let people management and payroll be one of them.

If you’ve acquired a new workforce in another country but don’t have your own entity set up yet, you’ll have no way to onboard or run payroll for them.

Without local legal, HR and payroll teams it can take too long to draw up new employment contracts and your new workforce won’t get paid on time.

When selling off business assets, you may have a few workers you want to keep on, but, without your entity, you don’t have the capacity to run payroll or pay the employer costs to the relevant authorities.

Never miss a payroll deadline. Retain talent assets.

Using an Employer of Record means you can run compliant payroll for your workforce seamlessly without missing salary deadlines or worse making costly compliance mistakes. Let Remundo manage your talent assets around the world until you can build infrastructure of your own.


Just need someone to cover compliance and payroll for a few months?

No problem. Keep your talent assets working while you set up your own legal entity. Seamlessly hire, and run payroll to ensure a smooth transition for your workers through change in company ownership.

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Keep the talent without the hassle of an entity

In some cases, businesses choose to keep their infrastructure simple. It may be cheaper and less hassle to continue using EOR for your contingent workforce abroad.


Seamless ownership transition for employees

Our team of local legal, hr and payroll specialists can on-board entire workforce contingent in time for payday so your new talent assets won’t know the difference.

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You too could see these results

By working with a partner who understands the location andcompliance, and has the assets in place, you can ensure a seamless experience for your new contingent workforce from old ownership to new.

Diminish managerial attention span

Keep your managers focused on what they need to be focused on, driving your business forwards.

Promote synergy with new strategic partners

Focusing on creating synergy with your acquired assets will promote faster process integrations for accelerated business growth.

Retain acquired talent assets

Focus on managing your new workforce assets in-line with promoting partnership and growth rather than worrying about the logistics of human resource allocation or legal requirements.