Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
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Set up a tech center anywhere in the world with us and save 50-75%.

Access more affordable and abundant talent around the world

Whether you’re looking to set up a support center, a financial service activity or an IT service, setting up a branch in another country and employing workers with an Employer of Record scheme could provide a cost-effective solution for your business.

Near and offshore tech center challenges

Setting up near or offshore centers is a complex process requiring strategic planning, and local expertise. Partnering with an EOR provider that has an entity already can provide a ready solution.

The cost of setting up and maintaining a legal entity can be astronomical. There’s the building costs, the business set up costs, and the worker administrative costs to name a few.

Setting up a new entity in another country is fraught with legal, financial and logistical challenges. It takes time, and trial and error, to find the right path that could have been smoother with fore knowledge.

Setting up entities, finding talent, onboarding and setting up systems of management all take time. In fact, it can take a minimum of six months to set up your own foreign entities.

An employment partner with direct presence and infrastructure in your target location drastically reduces cost and time.

Employer of Record is a solution that enables businesses to hire employees with minimal investment outlay within minutes in any country where you find a talent cluster.

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Set up near & offshore centers faster

Our employer of record system enables you to access talent without the cost of setting up or maintaining an entity of your own. We already have the presence.


Verify and onboard your new team in minutes

Remundo is the only platform out there that provides you with the assurance of identity verification at point of signing contracts with our in-platform system.

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Make use of local entities and save yourself time and hassle.

Stop wasting money on benefits and allowances your workers don’t want. Use a combination of our global expertise and our AI powered negotiating tools to secure the talent you want without breaking the bank.

You too could see these results

By working with a partner who understands the location you want to set up in, who can deal with the labor laws, tax requirements and regulations, you free yourself to focus on your business goals and expansion plans. Paving a clearer, more focused road to success.


Compared with setting up your own local tech center, you can save 50-75% with near or offshore tech centers using our EOR solution. 

Access talent

Find and secure the right people at the right time to ensure your tech center has a talented and affordable workforce that meets the needs of your business.

Mitigate tax liability

Using an EOR with local presence means you don’t have to worry about local business tax liabilities. You only pay the costs of hiring your worker.