Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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Remundo and XML International – Marking the Beginning of a Global Partnership

Moving the needle in an international market is both an exciting and challenging endeavour. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). As an SMB owner, you may want to fuel your company’s growth on international soil and hire global talent. However, establishing an entity in a foreign country, learning local laws, and abiding by the government regulations of a new nation, can be a strenuous exercise. Outsourcing an Employer of Record (EOR) can minimise the stress and cost required for multi-national recruitment.

Global expansion and why it matters?

Growing internationally is an advantageous move for SMBs. It makes it easier to access a diverse customer base and reduces dependency on a single market. Additionally, international talent bring fresh perspectives, and skills to the table, which fosters innovation and creativity. But navigating the path of global expansion can be tiresome and daunting. That is where Remundo’s comprehensive suite of services make global expansion a hassle-free affair for SMBs and corporate giants alike.

Meet Remundo—the future of global hire

Remundo provides a quick and easy EOR service that enables SMBs to hire talented employees across borders. Its mission is to simplify global HR and payroll processes by handling the intricacies of managing a workforce, that spans across borders. The company believes in taking care of the complexities of international hiring, so that SMBs can focus entirely on growing their businesses. It is a revolutionary EOR with a simple and secure system, which has been carefully designed to streamline the process of hiring anyone, anywhere.

Instant price quotations, transparent costings, and custom contracts make Remundo a trustworthy EOR. It automates every part of the employment cycle on its seamless platform. Besides, switching to Remundo’s state-of-the-art and data-backed solutions can save SMBs a lot of time and money. Its adaptable and responsive nature, with a strive for putting its clients first, is what makes it a reliable EOR. Plus, its partnership with XML International plays a pivotal role in successful employing. XML international’s in-house assets and subsidiaries in over 120 countries helps Remundo excel in its operations.

The power of partnership—Remundo and XML International

XML International is a leading provider of global workforce management, and Remundo is proud to introduce its strategic alliance with them. Its purpose is to not only empower SMBs, but also help them thrive on a global level. Additionally, businesses can avail some key benefits from this partnership:

  • Global reach and compliance: XML International’s extensive network and global presence ensures that businesses receive detailed expertise on local laws and employment regulations of their target country. Entrusting Remundo with global hire allows businesses to remain stress-free, as we take responsibility for being compliant with essential labor laws, tax regulations, and employment standards of the employee’s country.
  • Efficiency and scalability: XML’s competence in global workforce management and our zeal for digital innovation reduces administrative costs. Our technology-driven solutions are painstakingly meticulous, with an ability to scale, based on evolving needs As both XML International and Remundo highly value transparency, accuracy, and diversity, businesses can be assured that their workforce is in capable hands.

A promising partnership, indeed!

In the dynamic world of business, successful SMBs are those that adapt and expand strategically. And Remundo’s partnership with XML International can help organizations expand their businesses into new territories. This alliance has been poised to make global aspirations a reality for businesses of all sizes. And we invite you to explore global hiring using the guiding hands of Remundo, in partnership with XML International.