Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
Whitepaper Onboarding Automations: Faster turnarounds, better hiring experience
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New SaaS technology Remundo set to reshape the world of work

The SaaS contracting and HR platform, Remundo, will revolutionize global hire industry. According to LinkedIn, the best candidates are off the market in 10 days. Remundo can complete the contract process, end-to-end, within 30 minutes.

Hiring abroad is fraught with complex legal and financial obligations which Remundo solves by partnering with XML-International. Long-standing Employer of Record and Contractor hire provider.

This partnership will enable Remundo to digitize and automate 12 years of legal and financial expertise in over 120 countries so that businesses can hire talented workers anywhere in the world.

Reasons why businesses will love Remundo

  • ■    Instant global hire contracts.
  • ■    Automated employment compliance.
  • ■    Global HR management platform.
  • ■    Save money over opening and maintaining own international entities.
  • ■    Locally attractive work packages.
  • ■    Fast, fast, fast.
The images overlaid that show different elements of Remundo platform The bottom layer shows the dashboard with coloured pie charts. Over the top right side is the mobile view. On the bottom left is the hire a worker widget view

Lastly, Remundo will not only help businesses expand in terms of international and financial growth but also change the way they think about diversity in the workplace.

An olive skinned woman with thick wavey dark hair and round glasses is smiling while typing on a laptop. She is in an office with floor to ceiling glass walls. Overlaid the image at top right corner is a platform screen shot showing how to manage offers. In the bottom left corner is an offer sent to candidate card.

For more information about Remundo read Our Story and Why Choose Us pages.

About Remundo
Remundo is a leading provider of Employer of Record (EOR) services, offering comprehensive solutions for businesses expanding globally. With a focus on speed, scalability, and compliance, Remundo helps clients navigate the complexities of global employment, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service delivery.

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