Whitepaper Cut the middlemen: Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
Whitepaper Advantages of an EOR platform with local entities
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SECURE GLOBAL TALENT – Hire Anyone Anywhere

Empower your hiring managers with custom work packages and contracts

Everything you need to secure that talent, fast.

Macro-level benefits and micro-level negotiation

Hiring the right people has never been easier.  Use our automated, end-to-end technology to create instant compliant contracts, customise them with benefits and allowances, and use our exclusive AI negotiator to help you secure the best person for the job. 

Create work offers in minutes not hours

Skilled workers are hard to come by and when you find them, there’s almost always a time crunch to get them onboard. Remundo can help you prepare competitive work offers with locally competitive benefits, fast.  

Faster Hiring

Reduce your time to hire to just 48 hours with instant, compliant, multi-lingual contracts in any country.

Unique Negotiation Feature

Tailor your work offers to individual workers and negotiate terms within the platform. 

Bespoke Benefits

Customize your work offers to match local compliance, cultural expectations and local industry standards. 

AI Tools

Save time with our AI tool. Programmed to negotiate within the preset parameters you choose.

Create work offers in minutes not hours

When it comes to securing the most promising individual for a role within your company, we know that offering fast, tailored and bespoke packages can mean the difference between giving your prospect a favourable experience of your company or an unfavourable one.  

Let Remundo help you make the best impression with your prized candidates and give you a boost in securing the people you want, when you want them.  

The best people can be yours. Beat other employers to the punch using all the tools and automations at your disposal. 

Sweeten any work offer with one of more remundo benefits

You can offer benefits from more than one category and tailor them too. For each country we automatically have
the options available to choose from so you always know you’re on to a winner.

Health & Wellbeing Packages

Though we wish all our workers the best of health, sometimes they may need a little medical support. Our policies are easily self-managed by the worker when they need it, with providers in their location.

Incentives & Bonuses

Build loyalty and worker commitment to your company with myriad options for incentives and bonuses. Offer one-off payments or regular bonuses based on performance. Our range of options and plans are customisable to align with your existing systems. 


Build allowances into your contracts to support workers with regular costs such as Mobile Phone Allowance, Transportation, and more.

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